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#1365: AIX, configure, readline, libedit, python, C99 compatible build
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 Hi. I am trying to package varnish-3.0.4 and never having done this before
 I have a few questions about what is needed for packaging versus what is
 needed for runtime.

 A) when I had phython and a standard AIX rpm (readline) installed,
 configure completed successfully - but make complained of duplicate
 symbols (.bcopy and .memove) in libc.a and libreadline.so.
 The make did not finish because I was/am missing <editline/readline.h>.

 1) As the duplicate symbol problem was not a varnish issue, but libraries
 I removed the rpm version of readline and installed a new one - self-

 2) to remove the readline rpm I also needed to remove python - configure
 succeeds, but make fails because phython is missing (so config is not
 testing for phython - if it is really needed for packaging (or runtime?)

 3) is readline (libreadline) enough, or is libread (found in google and
 here in other tickets) enough, or are both required. In any case, with
 only readline installed, configure ... completes successfully.

 B) normally I am using the IBM compiler (vac/xlc) and because of frequent
 clashes with C++ comments I supply the CFLAG -qlanglvl=extc99 as a
 default. During configure the test for a C99 capable compiler passes -
 without change - only to fail in the next (or secnd following) test -
 saying the compiler is not C99 compatible.

 : ./configure ... returned an error

 configure:5149: checking dependency style of cc
 configure:5260: result: xlc
 configure:5279: checking for cc option to accept ISO C99
 configure:5428: cc  -c -I/opt/aixtools/include -O2 -qlanglvl=extc99
 -I/opt/include conftest.c >&5
 configure:5428: $? = 0
 configure:5441: result: none needed
 configure:5549: checking for cc option to accept ISO Standard C
 configure:5560: result: none needed
 configure:5602: error: Could not find a C99 compatible compiler
 configure: exit 1

 when I remove that additional CFLAG preset, configure finds a C99
 compatible compiler.


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