[Varnish] #1480: Porting guide for 4.0.0 is incomplete

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Sun Apr 13 16:12:21 CEST 2014

#1480: Porting guide for 4.0.0 is incomplete
 Reporter:  falconindy  |       Type:  documentation
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 Thanks for the new release of Varnish. I found the porting guide for
 4.0.0, but it seems incomplete in a number of ways. My setup is quite
 simple, yet I still ran into 2 instances where the guide did not cover
 important changes:

 - vcl_error is now vcl_backend_error
 - req.request is now req.method

 There may be other instances -- I see there's also now a
 vcl_backend_fetch, but I can't determine if this is new, or just renamed.

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