[Varnish] #1644: VMOD gets incorrect values for cache_param->vre_limits.*

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#1644: VMOD gets incorrect values for cache_param->vre_limits.*
 Reporter:  geoff  |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new    |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:         |  Component:  vmod
  Version:  trunk  |   Severity:  normal
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 Within a VMOD, I am getting the wrong values for the fields in
 cache_param->vre_limits -- I consistently see match=8 and

 I'll be attaching minimal VMOD code to demonstrate the problem -- it does
 nothing but return these two values. You can see in the vtc log that 8 was
 returned for match and 0 for match_recursion, although param.show shows
 that both params are set to the defaults (10000 for both).

 match=8 and match_recursion=0 are the same values I saw in my real-world
 use case, which you can see here:


 The VMOD does regex matches, and I'd like to call VRE_exec() with the same
 params that are used elsewhere for regexen in Varnish, so that the two
 relevant runtime parameters are valid for the VMOD as well. VRE_exec() is
 called with &cache_param->vre_limits everywhere else in Varnish, but in
 the VMOD I have to call it with NULL in that argument, because the two
 values turn our to be so low that every match fails.

 Is there some reason why cache_param cannot be properly accessed within a

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