[Varnish] #1653: Make numbers in varnishstat human-readable

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Tue Dec 30 14:50:08 CET 2014

#1653: Make numbers in varnishstat human-readable
 Reporter:  Centurion  |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new        |   Priority:  low
Milestone:             |  Component:  varnishstat
  Version:  4.0.0      |   Severity:  normal
 Keywords:             |
 I know it is still popular in 2015 to put numbers in console display,
 without caring about readability, but let us face it:[[br]]
 if you have 128GB in use for varnish and take a quick look at varnishstat,
 you simply cannot tell anything without putting your thumb on the screen
 and counting the number of digits.[[br]][[br]]

 SMA.s0.g_bytes                                     2834700632755 [[br]]
 can you tell the amount of RAM used? I guess not.[[br]]
 The display of information in this way is (at least for real people)
 In Europe we have a thing called 'thousands-separator', this would read
 SMA.s0.g_bytes                                     2.834.700.632.755
 and BAM! - you see it at a glance.
 Please implement this, thank you.
 (I assume in US the separator would be ',' instead of '.', anything is
 better than nothing)

 Besides of this, great work (:[[br]]

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