[Varnish] #1431: varnish 3.0.3 stops working - CLI communication error (hdr)

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#1431: varnish 3.0.3 stops working - CLI communication error (hdr)
 Reporter:  cherouvim  |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new        |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:             |  Component:  varnishd
  Version:  3.0.3      |   Severity:  blocker
 Keywords:             |
 I have a low/average traffic site with varnish 3.0.3 fronting a tomcat.
 varnishstat gives around 20 client_req, 10 cache_hit, 6 cache_miss per
 second. Uptime has been great (2 months without a problem) but recently it
 hanged with:
 varnishd[1257]: CLI communication error (hdr)
 varnishd[1257]: Pushing vcls failed:
 varnishd[1257]: Stopping Child
 varnishd[1257]: Child (18715) said Child starts
 varnishd[1257]: ...
 varnishd[1257]: Child cleanup complete
 varnishd[1257]: Child (18715) said Child dies
 varnishd[1257]: Child (18715) died status=1
 varnishd[1257]: Child cleanup complete
 (full messages at http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=NtmtWNtv)

 A varnish restart was required for the site to work.

 Why does this happen? And why can't varnish recover from this situation?

 Note that this child stop/start has happened once again 10 days ago but
 that time it was successful: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=TF6Y0tpr

 The VM running this has 10GB ram and the varnish configuration is:
 VARNISHD_PARAMS="-f /etc/varnish/vcl.conf -a :90 \
 -p thread_pool_min=300 \
 -p thread_pool_max=3000 \
 -p thread_pool_add_delay=2 \
 -s malloc,5G \
 -T:6082 \
 -u varnish"

 I've read that a potential issue may be cli_timeout (default: 10 secs) and
 the advice is to increase it. Is this true? By how much?

 Also, I think this issue relates to ticket #1119.

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