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#1410: Weight Loss With Supplement
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 So I don't I D E any pasta no race no potatoes nothing Alma no bread none
 of that mama and I did that because have poly cystic ovarian syndrome that
 is disease where you have issues with your insulin resistance in your
 endocrine system is just so much fun con but yeah.

 I just makes you fatter and harder to its way and it makes all those crabs
 just store in the faces really awesome it's great for people who want to
 lose weight fun disease that I like to have con so I have that and it's
 great and coming up cards has really helped do I think that low crab diets
 are good for you know.

 I don't think they're good for the long term doing they can be beneficial
 for short-term weight loss yeah they have been super beneficial to me I
 feel really good too like super good for dinners I was have like I would
 boil up about her for like awake or a bell pepper


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