[Varnish] #1533: vmod_querysort fails to build on centos 6.5

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Tue Jun 24 09:54:30 CEST 2014

#1533: vmod_querysort fails to build on centos 6.5
 Reporter:  g.gerritsen  |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:               |  Component:  vmod
  Version:  trunk        |   Severity:  normal
 Keywords:               |
 repository at commit 14da1840453b4076ac8b46448c9092a491037d5a

 python2.6 ../../lib/libvcc/vmodtool.py --strict
   CC     vmod_std.lo
   CC     vmod_std_conversions.lo
   CC     vmod_std_fileread.lo
   CC     vmod_std_querysort.lo
 cc1: warnings being treated as errors
 vmod_std_querysort.c: In function ‘vmod_querysort’:
 vmod_std_querysort.c:63: error: ‘param’ may be used uninitialized in this
 make[3]: *** [vmod_std_querysort.lo] Error 1

 it does compile in centos 7

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