[Varnish] #1625: if(req.backend_hint == b1) compiles, but does nothing

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#1625: if(req.backend_hint == b1) compiles, but does nothing
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Component:  build        |     Version:  4.0.2
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Comment (by fgsch):

 I think the issue here is more about semantics than anything else.
 req.backend_hints is type BACKEND.

 You assign a backend and read the backend name back.

 If you assign a backend via a director, however, you get the director's
 name back. This might not be a problem except that you cannot compare it
 against a director or specific backend within that director.
 The former will fail while the latter will never match.

 I think we need define how req.backend_hint should behave and make it
 consistent across all cases.
 Right now it seems to be consistent when assigning backends directly but
 not via directors.

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