[Varnish] #1617: Varnish 4 weird memory consumption / calculation

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#1617: Varnish 4 weird memory consumption / calculation
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Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  4.0.2
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Comment (by whocares):

 Followed your suggestion and the numbers indeed look much nicer now. I'll
 let it run for a while an report back when I have better data.
 That said, I have to admit I'm curious: I've read the parameter list from
 top to bottom and back but never figured that fetch_chunksize would have
 such an influence on memory usage. Care to explain what happens there? For
 even if there'd be, say 1000 threads active at the same time I imagined
 that with a buffer size of 128k I'd "just" spend 128M of RAM for the
 different chunk buffers but not something in the GB ranges.

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