[Varnish] #1595: Make hash director nice enough not to reshuffle clients

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#1595: Make hash director nice enough not to reshuffle clients
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Comment (by slink):

 If you want to go for the cookie based persistence, you can all of it in
 vcl. Use vmod cookie, set a cookie with an id for the backend you have
 chosen and then select the backend based on that cookie.

 Regarding non cookie-based persistence:

 If you were looking after a more stable hash director, this could help
 you: https://code.uplex.de/uplex-varnish/libvmod-vslp but in your case,
 VSLP won't help you. To the best of my knowledge, there is no vmod for
 varnish which would implement persistent sessions as f5 does and I don't
 think it would be a good idea anyway, because we would open a can of worms
 regarding distribution of state within varnish clusters.

 Finally, we don't use trac for enhancement request, so I'd suggest you
 either put your suggestion on [[Future_VMODS]] or contract someone to
 implement the feature you require.

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