[Varnish] #1594: Make server.* vars available everywhere

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Fri Sep 19 10:30:25 CEST 2014

#1594: Make server.* vars available everywhere
 Reporter:  tmagnien                  |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement               |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:
Component:  build                     |     Version:  4.0.1
 Severity:  normal                    |  Resolution:  invalid
 Keywords:  server vars availability  |

Comment (by lkarsten):

 I think this only applies to the socket-related operations?

 server.identity reads from heritage, and server.hostname is just
 a simple gethostname().

 Those two I believe should be safe to run in the background context.
 Have I forgot about something?

 I wonder if it could be confusing to use "server.hostname" in such a
 context, since that is in fact the fetching client's (varnish) hostname.

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