[Varnish] #1761: 204 responses intermittently delivered as chunk-encoded with length byte = 0

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#1761: 204 responses intermittently delivered as chunk-encoded with length byte =
 Reporter:  geoff     |       Owner:  Poul-Henning Kamp <phk@…>
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  Varnish 4.0 release
Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  4.0.3
 Severity:  normal    |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:            |

Comment (by geoff):

 I'm afraid I can't test this patch. Our problem is in 4.0.3, whereas the
 patch applies to master as of July 26th, and the differences are too large
 for me to get a successful backport out of the merge conflicts.

 The patch is also much more comprehensive than just fixing the problem
 with the 204 response -- it covers a number of different cases concerning
 delivery, as well as the fetch error regarding backend responses.

 So I'd like to attempt a simpler patch for 4.0.3 to address the problem
 with 204 responses.

 If I'm reading the patch correctly, the essential step for that is in
 delivery: if resp.status == 204, set the wantbody flag (req->wantbody in
 4.0.3) to false and remove the Content-Length header.

 When the wantbody flag is false, then neither ESI_Deliver() nor any VDP is
 called, and "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" is not generated. So no response
 body is delivered, nor any response headers that would require a body to
 be present.

 Would that suffice, or am I missing something?

 I also see `if (wantbody == 0) return;` in ESI delivery; is that necessary
 as well? If the wantbody flag is false, then it seems to me that delivery
 would never get to ESI delivery in the first place.

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