[Varnish] #1797: Content-Type/Content-Length should miss on 304 requests

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#1797: Content-Type/Content-Length should miss on 304 requests
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Component:  varnishd    |     Version:  4.0.3
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Comment (by fgsch):

 Some details from RFC7232 4.1 p19:

    The server generating a 304 response MUST generate any of the
    following header fields that would have been sent in a 200 (OK)
    response to the same request: Cache-Control, Content-Location, Date,
    ETag, Expires, and Vary.

    Since the goal of a 304 response is to minimize information transfer
    when the recipient already has one or more cached representations, a
    sender SHOULD NOT generate representation metadata other than the
    above listed fields unless said metadata exists for the purpose of
    guiding cache updates (e.g., Last-Modified might be useful if the
    response does not have an ETag field).

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