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#1617: Varnish 4 weird memory consumption / calculation
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Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  4.0.2
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 When a backend transmits a chunked transfer encoded response, Varnish
 can't know up front how much storage to allocate for that object. It will
 allocate 'fetch_chunksize' sized chunks, one at a time as the object is
 being fetched.

 In the case that streaming is disabled, a trim operation is issued on the
 last storage chunk, which will effectively resize it to the correct size,
 thus avoiding the overhead of always consuming a full sized chunk.
 However, with streaming enabled (as is the default in Varnish 4.0), we
 currently can't reliably trim a storage chunk.

 There are plans and some work in current master to redesign the
 storage/stevedore api which will allow us to handle this differently, but
 currently it's mostly on the drawing board.

 For now the best bet is to tune fetch_chunksize. The default has since
 been decreased from 128k to 16k
 (c84d1f886671fd98317890b5a41bd60f0837206f), which should very much lessen
 the overhead some users are seeing.

 Alternatively, you can set beresp.do_stream = false in vcl_backend_fetch,
 to disable streaming. This will enable 3.0-style trimming of storage

 Closing this as a configuration issue.

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