[Varnish] #1650: X-Forwarded-For looses the first ip in list

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#1650: X-Forwarded-For looses the first ip in list
 Reporter:  KlavsKlavsen  |       Owner:
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Component:  build         |     Version:  4.0.2
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Comment (by KlavsKlavsen):

 Finally got to debug it, and found the reason.

 The cisco ACE box in front, adds a new x-forwarded-header - even though
 there already is one :(

 So varnish receives this:
 -   ReqHeader      X-Forwarded-For:
 -   ReqHeader      X-Forwarded-For:,

 which then gets sanitized to:
 -   ReqHeader      X-Forwarded-For:, $ip-of-client-

 whereas on our current setup, we simply return in varnish 3 - so it does
 not touch the x-forwarded-for headers - and appearently php (the website
 behind this - not something I work on :) magicly converts these two x
 -forwarded-headers into one list.

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