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#1748: varnishncsa: logged spaces in userid
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Comment (by Dridi):


 It's the same behaviour's as httpd's logging. Varnishncsa's default format
 is the combined log format in http's documentation

 If you expect usernames containing spaces, you should change the pattern
 %h %l "%u" %t "%r" %s %b "%{Referer}i" "%{User-agent}i"

 If your log parser breaks on valid ncsa output, you should report it to
 the parser's authors instead.

 You said:
 > What's wrong ? Nothing at first, yet I think the NCSA format is a great
 one because the number of fields is constant as no field can contain space
 but the user agent, and, the user agent is last so there is no ambiguity.

 The %r pattern represents the HTTP request's start-line which by
 definition contains one or two spaces (one space if you're using
 HTTP/0.9). For this reason, it needs to be quoted to be seen as a single
 field, and as you can see, it is.

 There is also no constant number of fields, from the documentation link
 above, the combined format is one of the defaults in httpd, there is also
 common which is a subset of combined.

 There's nothing wrong with varnishncsa.

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