[Varnish] #1738: Large number of ExpKills and nuking issues

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Tue May 19 00:22:32 CEST 2015

#1738: Large number of ExpKills and nuking issues
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 Last Friday we had a problem that may be a bug.

 Our setup uses two varnish servers, each one using malloc,65G storage.
 Same hardware/config with 96GB total memory. No swap used. There's a load
 balancer in front of the varnish servers doing consistent hashing. Using
 varnish-trunk revision 6f53e59

 One of our servers started increasing number of objects, expires stopped
 happening and we had a giant number of lru_nukes (those eventually went to
 zero) and worker thread going to the max number. Those are some graphs
 showing how it behaved:


 Varnishlog showed requests going normally, except with some that had 10k+
 ExpKill messages, like this one:
 And those are the params being used at the moment:

 As a result, the load balancers started to get timeouts from that varnish

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