[Varnish] #1630: Varnish crashes with long regex condition

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#1630: Varnish crashes with long regex condition
 Reporter:  huguesalary  |       Owner:  Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@…>
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:
Component:  varnishd     |     Version:  4.0.2
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:               |

Comment (by paluna):

 Thanks lkarsten.

 We upgraded to varnish-4.1.0 revision 3041728 in October 2015 and use the
 settings as documented below. Setting thread_pool_stack=72k is one of

 The situation is acceptable now. The number of crashes decreased to almost
 zero (the last Varnish crash goes back to Nov 6, 2015).

 In order to be complete I have uploaded a new set of crashdump files for
 your info.

   Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
   varnishd (varnish-4.1.0 revision 3041728)
 command line:
    "/usr/sbin/varnishd -P /run/varnishd.pid -a :80 -T localhost:6082 -t
 600 -f /etc/varnish/cloud.vcl -S /etc/varnish/secret -p
 pcre_match_limit=2500 -p pcre_match_limit_recursion=500 -p
 thread_pool_stack=72k -s

 This is the last crashdump of 20151106:

 Replying to [comment:6 lkarsten]:
 > Reviewed this for 4.0.4. The dropbox links are dead.
 > As far as I can tell, crashing on extensive regexes can be worked around
 by increasing thread_pool_stack. Backporting JIT change mid-4.0 is no go,
 we tried that in 3.0.4.

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