[Varnish] #1666: make init script check config before restarting

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Tue Sep 1 12:40:27 CEST 2015

#1666: make init script check config before restarting
 Reporter:  KlavsKlavsen  |       Owner:  lkarsten
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Component:  build         |     Version:  unknown
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Comment (by gquintard):

 I looked at how to do it in systemd, and stumbled upon this thread :

 TL;DR : there no !ExecRestartPre/!ExecRestartCheck that would allow us to
 do it. Restart is just a stop and a start with no idea of context.

 Maybe we can tweak varnish_vcl_reload to have a dryrun/check/fake option
 that would just validate the vcl? However, that wouldn't catch errors in
 the command line, but I'm not sure anything can.

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