[Varnish] #1794: varnish*-tools do not die when terminal disconnects

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#1794: varnish*-tools do not die when terminal disconnects
 Reporter:  kwy     |       Owner:  Federico G. Schwindt <fgsch@…>
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:
Component:  build   |     Version:  4.0.3
 Severity:  normal  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by martin):

 I have been discussing this issue with both Federico and Lasse, and these
 are the conclusions:

 * The current behaviour of exiting on sighup when in foreground mode is
 the correct one.
 * The main issue is for the startup scripts for running varnishlog and
 varnishncsa as daemons. These scripts are part of the packages.
 * The scripts want to start the utilities as the Varnish user (both
 because they shouldn't run as root, and because the need to be the Varnish
 user in order to get read access to the shmlog).
 * When running as the Varnish user, they utilities will not be able to
 write a PID file in /run, as /run is owned by root.

 This can be worked around by having the scripts prepare a
 /run/varnishutils directory owned by the Varnish user, and make the utils
 store the PID file in there.

 But the real issue is that the utils only implements half of what proper
 daemonizing programs should be doing. The utils should have user/group
 arguments and changed to that u/g upon daemonizing.


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