[Varnish] #1856: LostHeader setting req.url to an empty string

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#1856: LostHeader setting req.url to an empty string
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Comment (by lkarsten):

 Discussed at (live) bugwash today.

 There are two issues: if you mangle req, proto or method in VCL for a non-
 hit you end up in a bad place.

 The ws overflow handling is wrong, but generalised it is a "vcl author did
 something stupid" kind of situation. Add a vcl_500 sub where a one-off 500
 error can be configured, instead of the static one we serve now. We
 discussed this on the Rotterdam VDD, and the controversy was that the
 canned response should be per-request configurable. One solution to this
 is to allow the 500 response to be a 302, where the admin can redirect to
 a more descriptive page.

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