[Varnish] #1754: n_objecthead increase just before oomkill

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Mon Feb 22 14:26:25 CET 2016

#1754: n_objecthead increase just before oomkill
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     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new
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 Severity:  normal    |  Resolution:
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Comment (by dmz):

 I'm very sorry to have got your hopes up on tracking this one down, if it
 exists. We currently suspect our own increase in useage was as simple as
 large TTL objects slowly filling the cache, coupled with an overly
 optimistic malloc size. We've imposed a maximum TTL, but due to several
 recent unscheduled restarts won't know for around another week if it is
 now genuinely stable or not (enclosed a graph of memory use showing two
 weeks of "leaking" followed by reconfiguration with max TTL, initially
 with a much reduced malloc size). I won't update further unless we see
 further "leaking".

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