r345 - trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd

des at projects.linpro.no des at projects.linpro.no
Thu Jul 6 11:13:54 CEST 2006

Author: des
Date: 2006-07-06 11:13:54 +0200 (Thu, 06 Jul 2006)
New Revision: 345

Add a rudimentary man page.

Modified: trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/Makefile.am
--- trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/Makefile.am	2006-07-06 09:08:49 UTC (rev 344)
+++ trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/Makefile.am	2006-07-06 09:13:54 UTC (rev 345)
@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
 bin_PROGRAMS = varnishd
+man_MANS = varnishd.1
 varnishd_SOURCES = \
 	cache_acceptor.c \
 	cache_backend.c \

Added: trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1
--- trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1	2006-07-06 09:08:49 UTC (rev 344)
+++ trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1	2006-07-06 09:13:54 UTC (rev 345)
@@ -0,0 +1,72 @@
+.\" $Id$
+.Dd July 6, 2006
+.Nm varnishd
+.Nd HTTP accelerator daemon
+.Op Fl b Ar host Ns Op : Ns Ar port
+.Op Fl d
+.Op Fl f Ar config
+.Op Fl h Ar type Ns Op , Ns Ar options
+.Op Fl p Ar port
+.Op Fl s Ar type Ns Op , Ns Ar options
+.Op Fl t Ar ttl
+.Op Fl w Ar min Ns Op , Ns Ar max
+daemon accepts HTTP requests from clients, passes them on to a backend
+server and caches the returned documents to better satisfy future
+requests for the same document.
+The following options are available:
+.Bl -tag -width Fl
+.It Fl b Ar host Ns Op : Ns Ar port
+Use the specified
+.Ar host
+as backend server.
+.Ar port
+is not specified, the default is 8080.
+.It Fl d
+Enables debugging mode.
+.It Fl f Ar config
+Specifies a VCL configuration file to use instead of the hardcoded
+.It Fl h Ar type Ns Op , Ns Ar options
+Specifies the hash algorithm.
+.It Fl p Ar port
+Specifies which port to listen on for incoming client connections.
+.It Fl s Ar type Ns Op , Ns Ar options
+Specifies the storage backend.
+.It Fl t Ar ttl
+Specifies a hard minimum time to live for cached documents.
+.It Fl w Ar min Ns Op , Ns Ar max
+Specifies the number of worker threads to start.
+If only
+.Ar min
+is specified,
+will start
+.Ar min
+If both
+.Ar min
+.Ar max
+are specified,
+the number of worker threads will vary within the specified range
+according to system load.
+daemon was developed by
+.An Poul-Henning Kamp Aq phk at freebsd.dk
+in cooperation with Verdens Gang AS and Linpro AS.

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