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Author: des
Date: 2007-08-13 21:39:12 +0200 (Mon, 13 Aug 2007)
New Revision: 1845

Add (as a comment for now) some information on the shared memory log that
phk jotted down in #44.

Modified: trunk/varnish-doc/en/inside-varnish/article.xml
--- trunk/varnish-doc/en/inside-varnish/article.xml	2007-08-13 19:20:58 UTC (rev 1844)
+++ trunk/varnish-doc/en/inside-varnish/article.xml	2007-08-13 19:39:12 UTC (rev 1845)
@@ -258,6 +258,33 @@
 	requested operation.  The status code 400 indicates a
 	communications error.</para>
+      <section>
+	<title>The shared memory log</title>
+	<!--
+The ReqEnd record in the shared memory log has the following fields:
+ 2039158367 1158180241.888800123 1158180241.888854881 0.005646787 0.000015924 0.000038834
+ XID        Request timestamp    Complete timestamp   Idle time   proc.time   xmit time
+XID is the transaction ID.  If no request was received it will be zero.
+Request timestamp is the time when we have received a complete request.
+Complete timestamp is when Varnish is done with the request.  This does *not* signify when the last byte has been transmitted to the client.  The last X kilobytes are still likely to be buffered in the kernel and on the way out.
+Idle time is the duration from when the connection was established or the previous request on it was completed.  In other words: the inter-request interval.
+Proc time is how long Varnish took to prepare the reply
+Xmit time is how long it took Varnish to deliver the reply.  See above about kernel buffering.
+Request timestamp + proc time + xmit time = Complete timestamp.
+	-->
+	<para>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</para>
+      </section>

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