r4104 - trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd

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Sat Jun 13 23:33:37 CEST 2009

Author: ssm
Date: 2009-06-13 23:33:36 +0200 (Sat, 13 Jun 2009)
New Revision: 4104

Update varnishd.1

Modified: trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1
--- trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1	2009-06-11 00:56:19 UTC (rev 4103)
+++ trunk/varnish-cache/bin/varnishd/varnishd.1	2009-06-13 21:33:36 UTC (rev 4104)
@@ -350,6 +350,38 @@
 .It Cm ping Op Ns Ar timestamp
 Ping the child process.
+.It Cm purge Ar field Ar operator Ar argument Op && Ar field Ar operator Ar argument Op ...
+Immediately invalidate all documents matching the purge expression.
+.Va Purge expressions
+for more documentation and examples.
+.It Cm purge.hash Ar regex
+Immediately invalidate all documents where
+.Va obj.hash
+matches the
+.Va regex .
+The default object hash contains the values from
+.Va req.url
+and either
+.Va req.http.host
+.Va server.ip
+depending on the presence of a Host: header in the request sent by the
+client.  The object hash may be modified further by
+.Va VCL.
+.It Cm purge.list
+Display the purge list.
+All requests for objects from the cache are matched against items on
+the purge list.  If an object in the cache is older than a matching
+purge list item, it is considered "purged", and will be fetched from
+the backend instead.
+When a purge expression is older than all the objects in the cache, it
+is removed from the list.
+.It Cm purge.url Ar regexp
+Immediately invalidate all documents whose URL matches the specified
+regular expression.
 .It Cm start
 Start the child process if it is not already running.
 .It Cm stats
@@ -363,8 +395,7 @@
 .It Cm stop
 Stop the child process.
 .It Cm url.purge Ar regexp
-Immediately invalidate all documents whos URL matches the specified
-regular expression.
+Deprecated, see purge.url instead
 .It Cm vcl.discard Ar configname
 Discard the configuration specified by
 .Ar configname .
@@ -588,6 +619,46 @@
 The default is
 .Dv off .
+.Ss Purge expressions
+A purge expression consists of one or more conditions.  A condition
+consists of a field, a operator, and an argument. Conditions can be
+ANDed together with "&&".
+A field can be any of the variables from VCL, for instance
+.Va req.url ,
+.Va req.http.host
+.Va obj.set-cookie .
+Operators are "==" for direct comparision, "~" for a regular
+expression match, and ">" or "<" for size comparisons.  Prepending an
+operator with "!" negates the expression.
+The argument could be a quoted string, a regexp, or an integer.
+Integers can have "KB", "MB", "GB" or "TB" appended for size related
+Simple example: All requests where
+.Va req.url
+exactly matches the string
+.Va /news
+are purged from the cache.
+.Bd -literal -offset 4n
+req.url == "/news"
+Example: Purge all documents where the name does not end with ".ogg",
+and where the size of the object is greater than 10 megabytes.
+.Bd -literal -offset 4n
+req.url !~ "\.ogg" && obj.size > 10MB
+Example: Purge all documents where the serving host is "example.com"
+or "www.example.com", and where the Set-Cookie header received from
+the backend contains "USERID=1663".
+.Bd -literal -offset 4n
+req.http.host ~ "^(www\.)example.com$" && obj.set-cookie ~ "USERID=1663"
 .Xr varnishlog 1 ,
 .Xr varnishhist 1 ,
@@ -614,4 +685,6 @@
 .An Poul-Henning Kamp Aq phk at phk.freebsd.dk
 in cooperation with Verdens Gang AS and Linpro AS.
 This manual page was written by
-.An Dag-Erling Sm\(/orgrav Aq des at des.no .
+.An Dag-Erling Sm\(/orgrav Aq des at des.no
+with updates by
+.An Stig Sandbeck Mathisen Aq ssm at debian.org

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