r4337 - trunk/varnish-cache/man

kristian at projects.linpro.no kristian at projects.linpro.no
Wed Oct 21 14:35:23 CEST 2009

Author: kristian
Date: 2009-10-21 14:35:23 +0200 (Wed, 21 Oct 2009)
New Revision: 4337

Minor language nitpick for saintmode_threshold

Modified: trunk/varnish-cache/man/vcl.7so
--- trunk/varnish-cache/man/vcl.7so	2009-10-21 11:36:28 UTC (rev 4336)
+++ trunk/varnish-cache/man/vcl.7so	2009-10-21 12:35:23 UTC (rev 4337)
@@ -121,8 +121,8 @@
-To stop using a backend after number of items have been added to it's
-saintmode list 
+To mark a backend as unhealthy after number of items have been added to
+it's saintmode list 
 .Fa .saintmode_threshold
 can be set to the maximum list size. Setting a value of 0 disables
 saintmode checking entirely for that backend. The value in the backend

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