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A manual page a day, keeps the users abay ?

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+Getting hold of us
+Getting hold of the gang behind Varnish is pretty straight forward,
+we try to help as much as time permits and have tried to streamline
+this process as much as possible.
+But before you grab hold of us, spend a moment composing your thoughts and
+formulate your question, there is nothing as pointless as simply telling
+us "Varnish does not work for me" with no further information to give
+any clue to why.
+And before you even do that, do a couple of searches to see if your
+question is already answered, if it has been, you will get your answer
+much faster that way.
+IRC Channel
+The most immediate way to get hold of us, is to join our IRC channel:
+	``#varnish on server irc.linpro.no``
+The main timezone of the channel is Europe+America.
+If you can explain your problem in a few clear sentences, without too
+much copy&paste, IRC is a good way to try to get help.
+If the channel is all quiet, try again some time later, we do have lives,
+families and jobs to deal with also.
+You are more than welcome to just hang out, and while we don't mind
+the occational intrusion of the real world into the flow, keep
+it mostly on topic, and dont paste random links unless they are
+*really* spectacular and intelligent.
+Mailing Lists
+Getting on or off our mailinglist happens through MailMan_.
+If you are going to use Varnish, subscribing to our ``varnish-announce``
+mailing list is probably a very good idea.  The typical pattern is that
+people spend some time getting Varnish running, and then more or less
+forget about it.   Therefore the announce list is a good way to be
+reminded about new releases, bad bugs or security holes.
+The ``varnish-misc`` mailing list is for general banter, questions,
+suggestions, ideas and so on.  If you are new to Varnish it may pay
+off to subscribe to -misc, simply to have an ear to the telegraph-pole
+and learn some smart tricks.  This is a good place to ask for help
+with more complex issues, that require quoting of files and longis
+Make sure to pick a good subject line, and if the subject of the
+thread changes, please change the subject to match, some of us deal
+with hundreds of emails per day, after spam-filters, and we need all
+the help we can get to pick the interesting ones.
+The ``varnish-dev`` mailing list is used by the developers and is
+usually quite focused on source-code and such.  Everybody on
+the -dev list is also on -misc, so cross-posting only serves to annoy
+those people.
+Trouble Tickets
+Please do not open a trouble ticket, unless you have spotted an actual
+bug in Varnish.  Ask on IRC first if you are in doubt.
+The reason for this policy, is to avoid the bugs being drowned in a
+pile of sensible suggestions for future enhancements and call for help
+from people who forget to check back if they get it and so on.
+We track suggestions and ideas in our "Shopping-List" wiki page, and user
+support via email and IRC.
+Commercial Support
+The following companies offer commercial Varnish support, and are listed
+here for your convenience.  If you want your company listed here, drop
+an email to phk at FreeBSD.org.
+	Varnish Software
+	perbu at varnish-software.com
+.. _Mailman: http://lists.varnish-cache.org/mailman/listinfo

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+	help.rst
 .. todo::
         [V] on this os, pull this package

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