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Remove the command line. Incorrect and not really needed.

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 * libpcre3-dev
 * pkg-config
-To install all these just type ``sudo apt-get install autotools-dev automake1.9 libtool autoconf libncurses-dev xsltproc groff-base libpcre3-dev``. 
 Build dependencies on Red Hat / Centos

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 .. _tutorial-index:
-Varnish Tutorial
+Using Varnish
-Varnish is a web accelerator. It is installed in front of your web
-application and it caches the reponses, making your web site run  Varnish
-is fast, flexible and easy to use.
+This tutorial is intended for system administrators managing Varnish
+cache. The reader should know how to configure her web- or application
+server and have basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol. The reader
+should have Varnish up and running with the default configuration. 
-This tutorial does not go through every bit of functionality Varnish
-has. It will give you a good overview of what Varnish does and how it
-is done.
+Good luck.
-We assume you have a web server and a web application up and running
-and that you want to accelerate this application with Varnish.
-Furthermore we assume you have read the :ref:`install-index` and that
-it is installed with the default configuration.
+ Getting Varnish Running
+	backend_servers.rst
+        starting_varnish.rst
+	logging.rst
+        sizing_your_cache.rst
+        putting_varnish_on_port_80.rst
+ The Varnish Configuration Language
+	vcl.rst
-Good luck.
+ Tuning Varnish
+        increasing_your_hitrate.rst
+	advanced_backend_servers.rst
+        handling_misbehaving_servers.rst
+ Advanced topics
+        advanced_topics.rst
+Troubleshooting and getting help
+	troubleshooting.rst
 .. toctree:: 

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