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+.. _phk_thoughts:
+What were they thinking ?
+The reason I try to write these notes is the chinese wall.
+Ever since I first saw it on a school-book map, I have been wondering
+what the decision making process were like.
+We would like to think that the emperor asked for ideas, and that
+advisors came up with analyses, budgets, cost/benefit calculations
+and project plans for various proposals, and that the emperor applied
+his wisdom to choose the better idea.
+But it could also be, that The Assistant to The Deputy Viceminister of
+Northern Affairs, edged in sideways, at a carefully chosen time where
+the emperor looked relaxed and friendly, and sort of happend to mention
+that 50 villages had been sort of raided by the barbarians, hoping
+for the reply, which would not be a career opportunity
+for The Assistant to The Assistant to The Deputy Viceminister of
+Northern Affairs.
+And likely as not, the emperor absentmindedly grunted "Why don't
+you just build a wall to keep them out or something ?"  probably
+wondering about the competence of an administration, which could
+not figure out to build palisades around border villages without
+bothering him and causing a monument to the Peter Principle and
+Parkinssons Law to be built, which can be seen from orbit, and
+possibly from the moon, if you bring your binoculars.
+If somebody had written some notes, we might have known.
+Poul-Henning, 2010-05-28

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