[master] 0484c08 Permit ABI variables to be empty.

Lasse Karstensen lkarsten at varnish-software.com
Tue Dec 2 12:45:24 CET 2014

commit 0484c0874c38ae39a8b24250c09eb7ce7af43fb4
Author: Lasse Karstensen <lkarsten at varnish-software.com>
Date:   Tue Dec 2 12:43:23 2014 +0100

    Permit ABI variables to be empty.
    It should be possible to build Debian packages that does
    not have the ABI provides set, but with the previous
    format dpkg-buildpackage errored out because of duplicate
    (empty) Provides.
    Moving to a single line and having varnish, which hopefully will be
    provided anyway, as the baseline.

diff --git a/control b/control
index ca29224..1c51426 100644
--- a/control
+++ b/control
@@ -29,8 +29,7 @@ Package: varnish
 Architecture: any
 Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, gcc (>= 3.3), libc6-dev | libc6.1-dev | libc-dev, adduser, libvarnishapi1 (>= ${binary:Version})
 Suggests: varnish-doc
-Provides: ${Varnish:ABI}
-Provides: ${Varnish:strictABI}
+Provides: varnish, ${Varnish:ABI}, ${Varnish:strictABI}
 Description: state of the art, high-performance web accelerator
  Varnish Cache is a state of the art web accelerator written with
  performance and flexibility in mind.

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