[master] 2be86e6 Document current behavior of backend.set_health

Dag Haavi Finstad daghf at varnish-software.com
Tue Oct 28 14:10:51 CET 2014

commit 2be86e6e1926763ec23a50465144e58a26a32e59
Author: Dag Haavi Finstad <daghf at varnish-software.com>
Date:   Tue Oct 28 14:05:57 2014 +0100

    Document current behavior of backend.set_health

diff --git a/doc/sphinx/reference/varnish-cli.rst b/doc/sphinx/reference/varnish-cli.rst
index 2e17c2e..ca2fc8c 100644
--- a/doc/sphinx/reference/varnish-cli.rst
+++ b/doc/sphinx/reference/varnish-cli.rst
@@ -132,7 +132,11 @@ backend.list
   List all backends
 backend.set_health matcher state
-  Set health status on a backend
+  Set health status on a backend. The matcher expression can be a
+  backend name or a parenthesized "(IP:port)" expression, or both. All
+  fields are optional. If no exact matching backend is found, partial
+  matching will be attempted based on the provided name, IP and port
+  fields.
 ban <field> <operator> <arg> [&& <field> <oper> <arg>]...
   All objects where the all the conditions match will be marked obsolete.

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