[master] be54de8 varnishstat -f takes a single field

Federico G. Schwindt fgsch at lodoss.net
Thu Apr 16 00:53:11 CEST 2015

commit be54de83f9b7817ac9bbec7c33837b1caee004d2
Author: Federico G. Schwindt <fgsch at lodoss.net>
Date:   Wed Apr 15 23:45:15 2015 +0100

    varnishstat -f takes a single field
    To specify multiple fields you can use more than one -f.

diff --git a/bin/varnishstat/varnishstat.c b/bin/varnishstat/varnishstat.c
index bd0beee..cfa819f 100644
--- a/bin/varnishstat/varnishstat.c
+++ b/bin/varnishstat/varnishstat.c
@@ -250,11 +250,11 @@ usage(void)
 #define FMT "    %-28s # %s\n"
 	fprintf(stderr, "usage: varnishstat "
-	    "[-1lV] [-f field_list] "
+	    "[-1lV] [-f field] "
 	    VSC_n_USAGE " "
 	    "[-w delay]\n");
 	fprintf(stderr, FMT, "-1", "Print the statistics to stdout.");
-	fprintf(stderr, FMT, "-f field_list", "Field inclusion glob");
+	fprintf(stderr, FMT, "-f field", "Field inclusion glob");
 	fprintf(stderr, FMT, "",
 	    "If it starts with '^' it is used as an exclusion list");
 	fprintf(stderr, FMT, "-l",
diff --git a/doc/sphinx/reference/varnishstat.rst b/doc/sphinx/reference/varnishstat.rst
index 47d597e..8bef6e6 100644
--- a/doc/sphinx/reference/varnishstat.rst
+++ b/doc/sphinx/reference/varnishstat.rst
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Varnish Cache statistics
-varnishstat [-1] [-x] [-j] [-f field_list] [-l] [-n varnish_name] [-N filename] [-V] [-w delay]
+varnishstat [-1] [-x] [-j] [-f field] [-l] [-n varnish_name] [-N filename] [-V] [-w delay]
 .. TODO: autogenerate this synopsis like the others.

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