[master] d396134 Delete unused fields from the TLV structs.

Geoff Simmons geoff at uplex.de
Wed Mar 14 18:52:12 UTC 2018

On 03/14/2018 06:58 PM, Dridi Boukelmoune wrote:
>> commit d3961346254153341c9d38acb29fe808752f8e00
>> Author: Geoff Simmons <geoff at uplex.de>
>> Date:   Wed Mar 14 17:49:36 2018 +0100
>>     Delete unused fields from the TLV structs.
> My understanding is that PHK reviewed and OK'd this change, but this
> is also the first occurrence of packed structs in the code base to my
> knowledge. Since they are usually meant to ease [de]serialization of
> data (one read(2) and you're done) we may need to keep the fields even
> if they aren't used.

The problem was that suncc refused to compile:

       uint8_t value[0];

... it wouldn't accept the 0 subscript, and it wouldn't tolerate value[]
either. So all of the VTESTs were failing. Leaving them out got the
VTESTs back to green (ehocdet agreed).

No objection to revisiting this after the release.

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