[master] b69cbd09f Be more inclusive, 6.0 has strands too

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi.boukelmoune at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 10:20:11 UTC 2019

commit b69cbd09f6336db5cf5c7d3d34584e53afa91da7
Author: Dridi Boukelmoune <dridi.boukelmoune at gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 3 12:18:13 2019 +0200

    Be more inclusive, 6.0 has strands too

diff --git a/doc/sphinx/reference/vmod.rst b/doc/sphinx/reference/vmod.rst
index f069d10b1..d2340cfc5 100644
--- a/doc/sphinx/reference/vmod.rst
+++ b/doc/sphinx/reference/vmod.rst
@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ STEVEDORE
 	C-type: ``const char *, ...``
-	`Notice: New vmod developments for 6.1 and later must
+	`Notice: New vmod developments for 6.0 LTS and later must
 	use STRANDS instead of STRING_LIST, which is going away.`
 	A multi-component text-string.  We try very hard to avoid

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