varnish don't set malloc size,varnish cache data only 200M size

li yiyi yiyiba0801 at
Tue Oct 29 03:43:28 UTC 2019

hi, i use varnish6.2.0 to cache image, my machine memory is 16g, varnish malloc do not set size and use the default。
i see the documentation from, the default size is unlimited. my test images size about 6g,when i send http request to
varnish,only a little images can cache from varnish, about 200m size. most of them is miss.
my some varnish settings as follows:
/usr/local/varnish/sbin/varnishd -a,HTTP -f /usr/local/varnish/etc/default.vcl
when i set malloc size(8g),varnish is working ok, malloc must be seted specify size?how i can do if use unlimited ?

thank you,regards

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