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    VDD19Q3 public summary

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 QUIC visions of OSI
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+Varnish Developer Day 2019Q3
+We try to bring the core Varnish People into the same room a
+couple of times a year for "Varnish Developer Day" meetings,
+and last week we did that at Varnish Software's Oslo offices.
+Tuesday was a "Hackathon", where we lounged around and worked
+concrete issues and ideas, Wednesday was the "formal" day where
+we sat around a table and negotiated and made decisions.
+The main issues this time were HTTP3, backends and project
+organization, and here I will try to give a quick summary.
+Everybody seemed to agree that we want H3 support, and after
+Dag's quick overview of the protocol, the challenge of doing
+that were evident.
+We also agreed that having certificates and secret keys inside
+the varnish worker process is still a no-go, so some variant
+of "key-less" is called for.  Fortunately H3 is designed with
+this in mind for performance reasons.
+Getting from A-B is the hard part, and we may introduce a A'
+pit-stop where we implement key-less TLS1.3 on HTTP1+2, and
+possibly also a A'' pitstop to get TLS on backends.
+Dag and PHK will try to plot a course for this.
+There are a lot of annoying details about backends we want to
+do something about, from probes being near-magical to H1 to
+getting a proper handle on the lifetime of dynamic backends.
+Some concrete improvements came up during the hackathon and we will
+be persuing those right away.
+Fixing probing is probably a V7 thing, and we need to think
+and prototype how we expose probing in VCL.
+We are getting more people involved on the other side of the Atlantic,
+and we are moving the Monday afternoon bugwash from 13:00-14:00 EU
+time to 15:00-15:30 EU time, so they do not have to get out of bed
+so early.
+We will also try to make the bugwash more producive, by having PHK
+publish an "agenda" some hours beforehand, so people can prepare,
+and instead shorten the bugwash to 30 minutes to keep the time
+commitment the same.
+Everybody is welcome to attend our bugwashs, on the IRC channel
+#varnish-hacking on irc.linpro.no.
+Project organization
+There has been some friction in the project this summer and we
+have talked a lot about how to counter that.
+A significant part of the problem is that too much of the project
+business goes through me:  I am always the one nagging and no'ing
+peoples pull requests and that makes both them and me unhappy.
+We have drawn up a set of "rules of engagement" which will distribute
+the workload more evenly, essentially assuring that somebody from
+another organization will have looked at patches and pull requests
+before me, both to move some of the "no-ing" away from me and also
+to get people to pay more attention to each others work.
+For this to work, everybdoy will have to spend a bit more time on
+"project work", but everybody agreed to do that, so we think it can
+These discussions also brought up another thing:
+Retirement Notice
+One interesting feature of the IT industry, is that there are no
+retirement parties, because the industry more or less got born in
+the 1990'ies.
+There was an IT industry before then, I was part of it for most of
+a decade, and it did have retirement parties, because people had been
+going at it since the 50ies.
+One almost invariable part of the proceedings were the "Handling
+Over Of The Listing", where the retiree ceremoniously handed over
+a four inch thick Z-fold listing of "The XYZ Program" to the younger
+person now assuming responsibility for its care, feeding & maintenance,
+until his - or the program's - retirement.
+If you do the math, you will find that I am now also getting into
+my 50ies, and the prospect of retirement is migrating from "theoretical
+event in distant future" to "I need to think about this."
+On Tuesday the 20th of January 2026 I will be 60 years old, the
+Varnish Cache project will be 20 years old, and I will be retired
+from active project management in the Varnish Cache Project.
+That is six½ years in the future, a full half the current age of
+the project, and a long time in IT, but I want to reserve the date,
+so that the project has plenty of time to figure out what they want
+to do about it.
+The VDD appointed Martin and Nils to own that issue.

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