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Nils Goroll nils.goroll at uplex.de
Tue Feb 16 03:45:37 UTC 2021

On 15/02/2021 18:50, Nils Goroll wrote:
> - Should we bump the vcl version?
>   We have done so for comparably less significant changes (see introduction of
> UDS), and this definitely falls in the "semantic change without syntactic
> change" category.
>   Existing VCL could, for example, rely on vcl_hash to be called.

Also this might contradict or at least complicate Dridis efforts to allow "other
version includes": For this vcl...

# included.vcl
vcl 4.1;

sub vcl_hash {
	hash_data("I rely on it");

# default.vcl
vcl 4.2;

include "included.vcl";

sub vcl_recv {

the whole point would be to _not_ silently allow the include: By the structure
of the include, the code in "included.vcl" would have precedence over anything
else, but with the hash_data change it now does not even get called any more.

It seems the hash change would have required more deliberation.



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