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    About the 503's heard around the world.

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+	Copyright (c) 2021 Varnish Software AS
+	SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause
+	See LICENSE file for full text of license
+.. _phk_503aroundtheworld:
+The 503's heard around the world
+Yesterday, may 8th 2021, for about an hour, the world saw things like:
+.. image:: fastly_503.png
+(The alert reader will notice that it says "Mediation" instead of
+"Meditation".  I dont know why, but I know who to ask, and I will.)
+People have, somewhat justifiably jumped on this error message,
+complaining about how terse it is, for instance `Max Rozen
+who makes some good and sensible suggestions about good and sensible
+error messages.
+But all his suggestions require some amount of ambient information,
+information which we in the Varnish Cache project do not have and
+never can have.
+When Varnish gets to the bottom of the `builtin.vcl` and errors
+out, we dont know where that Varnish instance runs, who it runs
+for, what information it servers, who it serves that information
+to and most crucially, what information can safely be shared with
+the clients.
+This is why the default "503 guru meditation" only mentions the
+`XID`:  The XID is a nonce, for all practical purposes a random
+number, but one which allows the persons responsible for that varnish
+instance to dig through their logs and find out what happened to
+this specific request.
+The other thing I want to note, is that the one thing you absolutely
+do not want to happen, is a "priority inversion", where it takes
+more CPU, database accesses or bandwidth to produce the error
+message, than it would have to produce the intended result.
+This error message is intended to be in all respects minimal.
+I'm pretty sure I have seen normal 503s from Fastly's CDN, they
+dont look like this, so something must have gone badly wrong for
+Fastly yesterday.
+Even though I'm sure the XID did not in any way help them debug
+this specific problem, I am happy to see that our "error message
+of last resort" did what it was supposed to do, as it was supposed
+to do it.
+The first 503 stress test
+When we release the first version of Varnish the text "Varnish cache
+server" was link to the project homepage.
+That link acted as a "viral marketing campaign" for us:  When
+web-people saw the 503 on another webpage, often a competitors
+webpage, they clicked on the link to learn what software they
+were running.
+And since everybody usually makes a couple of mistakes trying to get
+Varnish running for the first time, more and more web-people
+learned about Varnish Cache.
+So word about Varnish Cache spread around the globe.
+All the way to China.
+Where the Chinese State Railroads rolled out Varnish Cache.
+And made some kind of beginners mistake.
+A lot of chinese web-people learned about Varnish Cache that day.
+As did a lot of other chinese people, who instead of a train schedules
+and train tickets, got a few lines of english, which the vast
+majority of did not read or understand.
+But there were also a link.
+They did what any sensible web-user would do.
+They clicked on the link.
+And dDoS'ed the Varnish Cache project server.
+... and the Redpill-Linprox Data Center, where that server lived.
+... and the Norvegian ISPs that announced the prefix of that data center.
+In fact, they effectively dDoS'ed Norway.
+And that, my friends, is why the error message of last resort in
+Varnish Cache does not even contain a link any more.
+PS: The title of this post is of course an homage to
+`John R. Garman's famous article <https://www5.in.tum.de/~huckle/space_.pdf>`_.
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