Anders Berg andersb at
Wed Aug 2 13:02:47 CEST 2006

> I'm pretty tired of libevent right now, and I may opt for simply
> ripping it out entirely to end the debugging pain.
> I keep seeing stack corruption when I run live on c21 and I keep
> seeing libevent implicated in it.


> Killing libevent in varnish is now a matter of writing an acceptor
> that uses poll(2) (for linux etc) and picking it out of the CLI
> handling (where it's API is particularly bad to begin with).

poll or epoll? poll will not cut the cheese I belive.

As far as I can remember libevent is in Varnish to ease the portability
since libevent supports kqueue and epoll through a API. If it does not
work as it is supposed, go ahead and rip it out. You can, and I am not
gonna insist on you doing it, ask the mailinglist of libevent if there are
others that have the same problem (apart from the bad API) before you do
it. It's your call.

Anders Berg

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