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Thu Aug 10 22:57:49 CEST 2006

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> writes:
>>> local cache, from memory I think you can select
>>> 	once per session
>>> 	every time
>>> 	never
>>> or something like it.

Mine is set to "Automatic" (default) opposed to:

Look for new versions of saved pages:

Every time the page is viewed.
Every time IE starts.

> yes, I know, but I would still like to know if these settings affect
> it, as that will indicate what actually happens.

"Never" is offline. No need to try that one.
"Every time a page is viewed" is cache off I guess.
"Every time IE starts." is clear cache between each session.

Want me to try any of them? Now weight is 1 so there is less chance of
this problem accuring, and it's hard to reproduce (maybe it's triggered if
we stopped last seesion on Varnish, and get Varnish the first time we fire

On a sidenote, GbE is gonna be tried installed tomorrow, we can direct all
traffic to Varnish then, and see what happens.

Anders Berg

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