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Thu Aug 10 23:27:28 CEST 2006

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> Berg"
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>>> Berg"
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>>>>> local cache, from memory I think you can select
>>>>> 	once per session
>>>>> 	every time
>>>>> 	never
>>>>> or something like it.
>>Mine is set to "Automatic" (default) opposed to:
> OK, just leave it at that.


>>On a sidenote, GbE is gonna be tried installed tomorrow, we can direct
>> all
>>traffic to Varnish then, and see what happens.
> I need to pick up our cat at the vet tomorrow, but I will try to
> get the max-age header fixed and I will try to do something about
> the more trivial cases of backend errors, then probably in the
> afternoon we can try to hit it if you're ready.

Sure, good luck. I hope he will be back to his tailchasing in no time :)

We have planned installment at 12:30 tomorrow, but if we are able to do it
then depends on a few things. Anyway, I'll try to give a ethercap/pcap
dump from my machine tomorrow, so we can see how IE really behaves when we
fire it up.

Anders Berg

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