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Anders Berg andersb at
Sat Aug 19 00:56:40 CEST 2006

> This is probably an alteon configuration detail, but when it asked
> for /systemmeldinger/h.html it did so as HTTP/1.0 but the /h.html
> was HTTP/1.1
> Not sure what significance this might have.

This is because Alteon can have more than 1 service to a group of servers.

Lets say I have a group of machine X and Y. This group can have virtual
servers on them, and for example. In Alteon I can say that
if works, then works (only 1 healthcheck as HTTP 1.0). But
I can also set it to healthcheck and Since and are on the same servers X and Y, I have to use virtual servers.
Alteon uses HTTP 1.1 to do that. So can be "down" while is
"up"., and the group of machines that serv it only run 1
service, so Alteon does a HTTP/1.0. and the group of servers that serv it have virtual hosts (they
also serv, even if IP adress is not the same, the group of
servers are).


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