Connection: handling for HTTP/1.0

Anders Berg andersb at
Sat Aug 19 01:02:17 CEST 2006

> I have the Connection: header handling for HTTP/1.0 in place now
> and it looks like it has lowered the "bad connection attempts" rate
> a bit, but it is still not zero.

Good. I am unsure if we ever can hit 0 bad conn. We can take a look on the servers. They serv alot of traffic also if I reduce the
servers from 4 to 1. The bad conn number there is of interest.

> At the current request rate of approx 100/sec I see one or two
> "bad connection attempts" per second.
> I'm somewhat leaning towards the theory that it is a FreeBSD or
> network driver tuning issue.

Okay. I wanna ask Åge Røbekk to take a look next time we pound it with
traffic. He has experience with finding/fixing problems like this. We hit
a wall like this on once. And he tuned some parameters that
fixed it.


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