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The only reason would be to hold network traffic down, but we are probably talking a hell of a lot of traffic before we staurate any kind of modern line. But if the traffis is on the same network where Varnish delivers this could be a problem for some. We could also assume a dedicated network for admin and logging, but that might not always be the case/feasable, _then_ it has a point.
VG Netts blades have 2 NIC's on each blade when they are half height. Take into account that we are aiming for network redundancy on our rigg, we might have to hack some to get a failover solution working correctly.
So there is a point to it, in the future, but maybe not V 1.0.
Anders Berg


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Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
> while I might not be the right one to answer I'll give it a shot.
> Right now Varnish is logging alot of data involved in the request
> handling to shared memory on each of the Varnish servers. It's a
> shared memory buffer at a fixed size (default 8M right now I think),
> and Varnish writes to it in a FIFO manner.

It's a circular buffer, actually; varnish doesn't care if anyone reads

> I am uncertain if we are gonnna implement a way to tell the Varnish
> daemon itself what we want it to logg in V 1.0.

I don't see any point in doing so.

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