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Tue Jul 11 12:10:26 CEST 2006

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>>"Poul-Henning Kamp" <phk at> writes:
>>> So now that my authoritative calender came home, I have resynchronized
>>> and it looks like it fits our calender in the aug7-aug11 week.
>>Isn't that a bit early?  Will we be ready by then?
>>(I assume this isn't just about NUUG, but about production deployment
>>as well)
> Yes, that was the idea.
> It's pretty much Anders' call when he feels ready for the production
> start.


today we are scheduled as following:

7.-11. aug. Live test 2
14.-18. aug. Delivery
18. aug. Goal

We have also scheduled some summer vacation in the last weeks of July.

I think we for the time beeing should agree on:

7.-11. aug. Live test 2 (Goal: Have a version we can run live in VG Nett's
environment in a stable manner, possibly so good that we decide to run
24/7 on one server. Varnish would at this time have not have a fully
implemented VCL, but the support tools should be starting to look like
what we ship with. Could possibly be our alpha)

if we plan to stay on budget with Poul-Henning delivery on 18. aug is too
soon. I guess it also boils down to the featurelist that we have to agree
on soon.

I feel that the 2 other dates can not be predicted accuratly right now
with the info I/we have.

Could you try to estimate some timeschedule Poul-Henning? Also Dag-Erling
a timeschedule of the work that Linpro needs to do, would be needed soon.

Anders Berg

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