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On Jul 11, 2006, at 13:41, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

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>>>> today we are scheduled as following:
>>>> 7.-11. aug. Live test 2
>>> Wasn't this when you were getting married ?
>> Deliverydate for Wife 1.0 is 26. aug. :)
> That's a good argument for wrapping things up in August if we can.

For me sept. is no problem, and actually better. I will be gone the  
9.-17. sept. But apart from that sept. is fine.
In aug. we are receiving a SAN system also, so the week 14.-18. aug.  
is "installweek". The week after I will be busy under Gry's whip :)

>>> I suggest we nail down the dates for the live test 2 (and NUUG talk)
>>> and set the delivery/goal when we have more firm estimates.
> So is August 7-11 firm for the live-test 2 ?
> Do we need a full week ?

We could probably wrap it up in 3 days, but I think we utilized a  
full week last time, maybe we need it again. That said, it worked out  
good with me at home the last 2 days, so we could run the 2 first  
days with you in Slagelse and on IRC.

> I guess if we get too much time, DES and I can work on docs etc.

That reminds me to ask for the presentation you held at Linpro. I  
could make some fancy Visio diagrams :)

Anders Berg

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