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Yes, this is on my todo list.

We also need to send a Via line to the server

Right now I'm writing a "varnishtester" so we can script
test cases efficiently.

Once I have that working enough, I'll start to flesh out
all the bits in the state diagram and the header handling.


>Varnish currently sends out a Via: header that looks like this:
>Via: 1.1 varnish
>I'd like to change it to the following, which is more in line with
>Via: 1.1 <hostname> (Varnish <version>)
>Strictly speaking, we should merge this with the backend's Via: header
>(if any) so that if the backend sends
>Via: 1.0 <backend-hostname> (Apache/3.14)
>we should send
>Via: 1.1 <hostname> (Varnish <version>), 1.0 <backend-hostname> (Apache/3.14)
>(we might consider moving this into VCL, BTW)
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