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Anders Berg andersb at
Sat Jul 22 18:51:25 CEST 2006

> Sorry, I used a reply and the last mail ended up in the Logging thread.
> Here it is again in it's own thread:
> Hi,
> I have worked some on the website material:
> the welcome page and featurelist page are the only ones with any content
> so far.
> I am aware that the pages don't show right in Firefox and Safari, but I
> asure you they work great in IE :) The designer is gonna come up with some
> code that works better soon.
> I have more content available and will add more this week if I have time.

I have done some editing on the webpage with adding and deleting on the

I have also added a forum with some Categories to see how it would work
out. When I spoke with Stein on the phone last week we agreed that a forum
might be the right way to interact with users, and keep the mailinglist
for the developers and "power-users". We wanna reach different kinds of
users, even the ones that don't know how to operate in a mailinglist :) My
guess (and Stein's) is that they are more likely to pay for any kind of
support. At the same time a forum is easier to refere to in may ways "Ahh,
I remember I saw an example VCL file on that somewhere in the forum".
Anyway, the forum will eventually have the same design as the webpage,
right now the Lithium-design is the one closest to Varnish.
I have used PunBB as a forum before, and have learned to like it alot,
it's easy to catch up with, and has decent features, no frills.

I will spend more time making webiste better next week, if my back gets

Anders Berg

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