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Sat Jul 22 23:26:13 CEST 2006

Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
> **** PHK ****
> Mid July (phk and/or des)
> 	Ad-Hoc supervised low-volume production at VGNETT
> 	Anders need to set the Alteon to a very low setting,
> 	but otherwise his involvement is not required.
> 	Alpha release.
> **** /PHK ****
> We have passed this stage, and it is still not sane to release a Alpha.

I agree.  The code is a lot more solid in many areas than I expected
it to be at this stage, but there are still white spots on the map.

> **** PHK ****
> Late July (phk, anders & des)
> 	Coordinated supervised high-volume production at VGNETT
> 	Same formula as last time, only I stay in Denmark and
> 	we restrict to one day.
> 	Beta release.
> **** /PHK ****
> We are in this stage now, and _maybe_ endcode will be alpha
> material.  No changes otherwise. We keep testing Varnish in our
> envionment and at 100 Mbit/s traffic.

I want to do the beta release in August, when VG starts using Varnish
in production.  The code will be mostly done, but we will need time
for polish and documentation in order to be ready for a 1.0 release on
September 12th.

> DES is starting to work on doc's together with a new "member", Stig.
> We can try to agree on a alpha released around 30. july when this
> "testingperiod" is considered stable enuff for it.

I'd suggest July 31st (a monday) or August 1st.

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