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Sun Jul 23 00:35:11 CEST 2006

> Anders Berg <andersb at> writes:
>> **** PHK ****
> I want to do the beta release in August, when VG starts using Varnish
> in production.  The code will be mostly done, but we will need time
> for polish and documentation in order to be ready for a 1.0 release on
> September 12th.

The second part differs some from my suggestion:

Week 4 (18-22) : We start to wrap things up, release v 1.0 should be
done this week and website should be 100%.

although we could have a 1.0 release ready for the NUUG and while I am
gone, we are not gonna "release it" to public before this week I hope.

If we could ask NUUG to push it one week, that would conside better.

>> DES is starting to work on doc's together with a new "member", Stig.
>> We can try to agree on a alpha released around 30. july when this
>> "testingperiod" is considered stable enuff for it.
> I'd suggest July 31st (a monday) or August 1st.

Sure. What ever works for you guys.

Anders Berg

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